On-Demand Ice Cream Delivery

In London, the Häagen-Dazs Now app has debuted, allowing for location-based on-demand ice cream delivery. Consumers will use a Facebook Messenger chatbot to place their order, and web-based geolocation APIs will take over to pinpoint the user’s exact location for delivery, even if they are on the move. Special temperature-controlled delivery vans will ensure the ice cream arrives in ideal condition. We’re waiting on our favorite beer brands to take notice.
Full article from The Grocer

Cornhole Pizza Box Game

As the new pizza sponsor of the NFL, Pizza Hut has gone AR with their pizza boxes to help fans get in on the action with a game of virtual cornhole. Fans can unlock the AR component through the connected Beanbag Blitz mobile app. They will use their fingers to flip virtual beanbags and score points. It’s a fun way to engage fans and kick off a new relationship.
Full article from Reality News

A Second App from Instagram

Instagram may be building a new dedicated shopping app, tentatively called IG Shopping. This standalone app would let shoppers browse curated collections from retailers that they follow on the current app and then make purchases directly within the new app. This new app makes sense as 25 million businesses have Instagram accounts and 4 in 5 users follow at least one business. The new app would complement and improve upon the current Instagram Stories feature, which allows users to make some purchases within the existing app.
Full article from USA Today