Wrapping Paper That’ll Make You Hungry

As we close the 2018 holiday season, let’s look at how brands embraced the season with their own unique take on wrapping paper for their fans. In Canada, Taco Bell offered CrunchWrapping Paper, with each sheet resembling individual ingredients such as beef, cheese and lettuce which could be layered to resemble the brand’s iconic taco. Del Taco created burrito-themed paper that was given away to fans as part of an Instagram promotion. Jimmy Dean Sausage ran a recipe gift exchange promotion where fans could win sausage-scented wrapping paper.

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Hype Culture Takes Nike to Craigslist

In the UK, Nike is tapping into the hype culture trend (scarcity of product) by selling a limited-edition series of trainers and tracksuits through private sellers on Craigslist. The collection was created with a noted London designer who was inspired by “a very British tracksuit” and “a very middle-America-dad trainer.” Nike is releasing the collection through three private sellers in London: a 60-year-old painter, a Nike-obsessed teen and a photography student.Shoppers who want to buy from the collection must contact one of these sellers through Craigslist and arrange to meet them for the purchase.

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Shopping with AI, VR and AR

As we start 2019, a new study from BPR reveals how retailers are approaching artificial intelligence (AI), virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR). Roughly 7% are currently using AI via chatbots or digital assistants, but 64% plan to have some form of AI in place in the next three years (21% within 12 months). The number-one reason retailers want to use AI is personalization (42%). Currently 4% of retailers have adopted some form of VR, with “32% planning to do so in the next three years.” And almost a third (32%) of retailers have plans to introduce AR to their shoppers in the next three years (14% within 12 months). The study also found that “nearly half (48%) of shoppers would be more likely to shop at a retailer that utilizes augmented reality.” Seems like shoppers might be a little more ready than retailers to embrace these technologies.

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