Taco Bell’s Nacho Cheesy Goodness Oozes from a Billboard

Nacho cheese fans in Canada recently had a one-day opportunity to bring their own food and “upgrade it” with Taco Bell’s nacho cheese. The “nacho-cheesy goodness” was available from the Cheesiest Billboard, a nacho cheese-dispensing outdoor board near one of the brand’s Toronto stores. The event heralded the return of the fan-favorite Naked Chicken Chalupa, now available with nacho cheese. Talk about the ultimate sampling opportunity.

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Empty Storefront Leads to AR Lego Boutique

During London’s recent fashion week, Lego opened a pop-up fashion boutique. The catch: the store was completely empty except for a single Snapcode (a Snapchat QR code) which shoppers scanned to be transported to the AR boutique. Once in the boutique, they experienced a bouncer, DJ booth and arcade, all made from Legos. Lego mannequins modeled a limited-edition streetwear collection that could be purchased through a Snapchat “Show Now” feature. Nearly 70% of Snapchat users engage with their AR lens daily, creating a natural opportunity to add e-commerce to the equation in an unexpected way.

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Artificial Intelligent Toothbrush Coaches Proper Brushing

If you’ve been looking to link your toothbrush and smartphone, you’re in luck. In July, Oral-B will be launching the Genius X, an AI-driven electric toothbrush that will monitor brushing form and also make suggestions for improvement via a “personalized coaching” feature. The down-the-road vision for the next evolution of the Genius X is that it could seamlessly connect users to their dentist or even other health professionals whenever the brush detects an issue in need of professional assessment.

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