Bebe Rexha Helps Lay’s Sound As Good As They Taste

Lay’s is launching three flavors under its new Turn Up the Flavor program, with the belief that chip flavors paired with the right music can heighten the overall consumption experience of both. Each new flavor was musically inspired by genres including pop, rock and hip-hop. As an added trial incentive, each flavor comes with a code to unlock a new Bebe Rexha song that is remixed in pop, rock and hip-hop styles and designed to create an enjoyable and customized sensorial experience for fans.

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Helzberg Uses Augmented Reality to Find the Perfect Ring

To incorporate an endless aisle experience, Helzberg Diamonds has introduced the Virtual Ring Experience into a handful of its stores. This AR feature allows shoppers to try on over 100 different ring styles and view the appearance from various angles on a 4K monitor. The feature also permits customers to explore size and shape of a diamond or gemstone, metal types and setting styles.

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L’Oreal Skin Sensor Could Lead to Healthier Skin

Later this year, L’Oreal will launch the My Skin Track pH, a wearable sensor for personalized skin care. Users will place the skin sensor, which looks like a small Band-Aid, on their inner arm for up to 15 minutes. Then a connected app will calculate their pH levels and sweat loss to evaluate the user’s skin health. Based on this information, the app will formulate a custom recommendation for clear, healthy skin. According to dermatology professor Thomas Luger, the tool could inspire consumers to develop healthier habits for skin care and also provide medical professionals with a new way of recommending skin-care regimens to their patients.

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