Wendy’s Encourages Fans to Attack Fortnite’s Durrr Burger

Now wrap your head around this. Wendy’s recently partnered with live video-streaming service Twitch to launch an attack on virtual burger joint Durrr Burger in the Fortnite video game. In-game, Wendy’s sided with the Pizza Pit and encouraged players to attack Durrr Burger for using freezers for its burgers (a swipe at rival McDonald’s) while Wendy’s beef is never frozen. The video stream lasted 10 hours and had over 27,000 hours of viewing time. While clearly an inexpensive social media stunt, the results will likely inspire other brands to explore ways to integrate into the massively popular Fortnite universe.

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Afterpay Brings Payment Plans into the 21st Century

Payment plans may sound very 20th century, but new research from Cassandra shows that 1 in 5 millennials has used such a plan. In the past, these plans were typically used for big-ticket items like appliances and electronics. Now payment plans are increasingly being used for smaller purchases such as purses, sneakers, jeans and beauty products thanks to apps like Afterpay, which facilitates interest-free payment plans at participating youth-focused retailers like Forever21 and Steve Madden. Using Afterpay, a shopper could purchase a $100 dress for $25 upfront and then make $25 payments every two weeks until the dress is paid off. It’s an intriguing model that benefits both the retailer and the shopper, especially debt-wary millennials.

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Augmented Reality Makes Virtual Food Look Good Enough to Eat

While many industries may be struggling to find valued uses for the visualization that augmented reality provides, the food industry is literally hungry for it. AR company Kabaq has spent several years fine-tuning its proprietary AR model that produces highly realistic images of food for restaurants. The brand takes high-resolution images of the food from multiple angles and then optimizes them into one file that can be used on Facebook and Snapchat or on any website or app. Domino’s Pizza was an early adapter, creating a realistic pizza that Snapchat users could send to a friend which the friend could then order. A Manhattan bakery uses the technology to sell high-end tiered wedding cakes. As more consumers lean into food delivery services like Uber Eats, this seems like a smart play to stand out from 2-D food images and reach hungry shoppers at the moment they are ready to order.

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