Wake up to Burger King’s new coffee subscription

Burger King has launched the first subscription-based offering in the QSR space. Only available through the BK app, for $5 per month subscribers can receive a small coffee each day. That works out to roughly 17 cents a day for someone who stops by daily and will ideally purchase another breakfast item with their coffee. By comparison, a small coffee at key competitor McDonald’s is usually around $1, and a stop at Starbucks might burn your entire $5. The subscription effort “supports Burger King’s recent revamp of its coffee offerings with the launch of the BK Café range of freshly brewed premium coffee.” This will be an interesting one to watch.

Full article from Retail Wire

Run all the way to London’s new running bar

In London, New Balance has opened The Runaway, a pub where runners use the miles they’ve run as currency to buy beer—no other forms of payment are accepted. Customers use a fitness app to keep up with their miles, which are then converted into currency on their “Runaway Card” and put on either their Google or Apple mobile wallet. The bar also has gym equipment and a designated area where runners can stretch or work out. London actually has quite a few running clubs who meet to run and drink beer, so an athletic brand opening a pub is not quite as far a stretch as it may seem.

Full article from Mobile Marketer

Send your package with an AR video message

Who says package delivery can’t be fun? European delivery company Hermes has added to its arsenal Hermes Play, an augmented reality delivery feature. Hermes Play allows the package sender to record a short video message and upload it to the Hermes Send app. A 2-D barcode is then created and added to the package. When the delivery arrives, the recipient can scan the barcode with their smartphone and see the video message appear and play on top of their parcel.

Full article from Reality Technologies