The domestic beer wars are heating up. Coors Light is using technology to turn Bud Light’s recent attacks on its ingredients into ice-cold beer. Coors Light research found that 80% of premium light drinkers would prefer to “enjoy a cold, refreshing beer rather than continue to worry about what’s in it.” To that end, Coors Light has developed and deployed a smart beer tap that is able to actively monitor Bud Light's activity on social- and broadcast-media channels in real time. During a promotional period, whenever Bud Light attacks Coors Light, the smart beer tap will light up in select bars, signaling that the next round of Coors Light is free.

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With the recent purchase of a personalization and decision logic company, the McDonald’s drive-thru ordering system is about to get a whole lot smarter. In the near future, drive-thru customers will be presented with a menu that varies according to the weather at the location, the time of day and also the customer traffic there—as well as trending menu items. The menu will even have the capability to make suggestions and display additional options based on a customer’s current choices. Eventually the technology will be deployed to in-store ordering kiosks and mobile app ordering.

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The burger wars are also heating up in Brazil, quite literally as Burger King is asking its customers to burn competitors’ ads in order to receive a free Whopper. OK, real fire is not involved, but virtual fire on the BK app is. A new “Burn That Ad” feature has been added to the app and asks users to point their smartphones at competitors’ print, coupon and billboard ads to virtually set them on fire. As the user watches the competitor’s ad burn away on their screen, a free Whopper coupon appears that’s redeemable at the nearest Burger King location. The brand “expects to give away about half a million Whoppers during the campaign” while promoting the BK Express app’s pre-order, pay and pickup features.

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