Nike has launched the brand’s first subscription box, Nike Adventure Club, aimed at kids and their ever-growing feet. Subscribers can sign up for a pair of Nike or Converse shoes to arrive each month, every two months, or quarterly. Nike says, “Customers can choose what style they want, from performance shoes for sport to casual everyday sneakers, and they can also skip months and easily swap sneakers if they don’t fit or their kid doesn’t like them.” Through the program, kids will be able to pick the style of shoe they want, and Nike will customize each box with the child’s name to make the unboxing experience more fun. Nike also has sustainability in mind, asking program members to return old shoes to either be donated (in good condition) or upcycled once they’ve reached the end of their “wearability.”

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Last football season we wrote about the ingenious Victory Fridges that Bud Light installed in Cleveland bars, which unlocked once the Browns finally won an NFL game, giving everyone a celebratory round on the house. With the Browns much improved and expected to contend this year, the fridges are back but with a twist. This year, Bud Light is selling the popular fridges to fans through a pop-up “storefront in a Cleveland neighborhood dotted with some solid craft bars and good old beer joints.” Only 150 of the fridges in varying sizes will be available; they are expected to sell out quickly. They’ll make a perfect man-cave accessory for Browns fans and help keep the brand top-of-mind and in the conversation during the season.

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In other beer news, Busch Beer and Big Buck Hunter (an arcade game) have formed a partnership to raise conservation funds. Fans of either brand can purchase a Busch Big Buck Hunter permit for $5. The permit will be in the form of a swipe card that can be used at any Big Buck Hunter game station to unlock a “Great White Buck” game-within-the-game, and players who succeed in hitting the white buck will get “a chance to win their own arcade game machine.” Big Buck Hunter machines are generally found in bars, but there is also a mobile AR version that can be unlocked on every Busch Beer can as well as a web-based version. For every game score posted on social media, the brands will donate $1 to the National Forrest Foundation along with the $5 permit proceeds.

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