Wendy’s continues to find innovative ways to reach gamers, this time becoming the first sponsor of GIPHY’s new video-game platform, GIPHY Arcade. Within the arcade, Wendy’s has its own platform of three games under a “Wendy’s World” banner where users can play games with the brand’s logo, mascot and signature food items. These mobile micro games allow players to customize and remix each game with their chosen characters, background elements, music and game titles. Like all GIPHY content, the games are meant to be easily sharable in messages and social media posts.

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Patrón Tequila is experimenting with social commerce, becoming the first liquor brand to offer sales and home delivery via Instagram Stories. To purchase, users simply swipe up on a Patrón ad and wait for delivery from a third-party service such as Drizly or Instacart. Tequila drinkers in 48 states can enjoy the service, which requires the delivery company to receive payment and double-check age verification via the user’s submitted ID. With 1 billion users, Instagram is a prime platform for Patrón’s expansion of its digital sales initiatives.

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Tastewise is an Israeli start-up that is developing an AI algorithm to predict food trends, which will likely change the way CPG companies develop new products. Tastewise says the technology will allow them to analyze billions of food- and beverage-related touch-points that consumers experience in order to see how people interact with food and drinks in real-life situations. To do so, the AI looks at over a billion online food photos shared socially each month, 2.2 million online recipes and 188,000 restaurant menus. The AI then analyzes accompanying descriptions and can identify product trends on the local and national levels.

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