1. Big tech (Apple, Google, Amazon, etc.) will continue to find ways to help doctors spend more time with patients and less time with paperwork. For patients, technology will continue to evolve, helping them live better everyday lives through increased health & wellness monitoring and programs.
  2. Personalized medicine, which leverages a patient’s genetic makeup, will become more refined this year, offering tailored therapies and treatment options and possibly extending life expectancy for serious conditions.
  3. Telemedicine will keep growing at an accelerated rate—after a 261% increase from 2015 to 2017 and a high level of enthusiastic support from physicians.

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Americans spend an average of 290 hours per year in their vehicle. With that in mind, automakers have started designing vehicles with health & wellness features. Kia is developing a concept that uses AI technology to measure both the physical and emotional state of the driver, making real-time modifications such as “adjusting the lighting or emitting calming scents.” Several Lincoln 2020 models will debut with extra-large sunroofs and windows to let in bigger views of nature as well as more light. They will also feature noise-canceling cabins to decrease the sounds coming from outside and will come in soothing color schemes. Mercedes-Benz is going a step further by equipping its future autonomous vehicles with different settings that can “trigger interior adjustments geared toward” feelings of warmth, joy, comfort, balance, etc.

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Panasonic and UK firm Layer Design have created SHOT, a 2-in-1 device that can measure skin health and then create a custom smoothie recipe to help improve overall health. SHOT uses a camera on the front of the device to take a picture of the person’s skin; then advanced AI technology analyzes the picture against a massive database of skin types and conditions to create the perfect customized recipe—which the device can also mix into a smoothie. Think smart (very smart) blender. SHOT is part of a broader collection of devices known as “The Balance of Being” that are being created by the partnership.

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