With gyms and fitness centers shut down or operating under strict social distancing guidelines, many local gyms have found ways to go outdoors with their workouts. A yoga studio in Toronto held a series of limited-edition bubble yoga classes. The studio placed 50 giant clear bubbles in a parking lot. The 110 square feet inside each private bubble provided plenty of space for participants, and each was equipped with a fan for temperature control. The teacher’s bubble was on a raised platform so students could see as well as have access to strategically placed video screens. Students were able to practice their yoga in a safely distanced environment. Several restaurants have also used similar bubbles for socially distanced dining.

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The new Amazon Fresh concept grocery store is finally open in Los Angeles. In a recent edition, we covered the smart shopping carts that will be used in the store, and now we are seeing just how integrated Amazon Alexa will be with the shopping experience. Shoppers using the Alexa shopping list will receive directions to where each item is located, and Amazon Echo devices will be placed in various locations around the store so shoppers can simply ask Alexa things like where the protein shakes are. It’s a nice use of voice technology that can help keep shoppers on point and—in this era of social distancing—will allow them to get in and out of the store a little faster.

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Over the last 3–4 months, we’ve covered lots of innovation and disruption via ­various social channels that has showed strong promise for engaging and selling to shoppers who are finding new ways to shop during the ongoing pandemic. New research from eMarketer shows that Facebook and Instagram are having the most success with social selling, while Pinterest, Snapchat and TikTok are getting into the game. What’s really interesting is that over 70% of those in the survey report not having made any social channel purchases. This is a huge opportunity for brands to step in and find ways to engage these shoppers in a channel that many spend a lot of time in but are not currently making purchases in.

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