Kroger will expand ghost kitchens

Grocery chain Kroger is partnering with Kitchen United to bring outside restaurant brands to its retail locations. The kitchens will have “up to six local, regional, or national restaurant brands” available to order on the Kitchen United website, via app, or at kiosks—with the ability to purchase from multiple brands on just one receipt. Kroger plans to open its first kitchen center at a Ralphs in Los Angeles later this year.

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Reebok’s AR tool helps players set up their own basketball court

Reebok is “Courting Greatness” with its latest campaign supporting youth who live in cities and may not have access to proper sports facilities. By visiting on their smartphone, users can point the camera at their play space to see overlays indicating free-throw lines, three-point lines, sidelines, and even the regulation 10-foot height of a basket.

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Cuyana redefines the pop-up shop

Cuyana, a retailer of fashion accessories, has created a luxury pop-up shop that travels from location to location on flatbed trucks. Rather than using a preexisting vacant retail space like traditional pop-ups, Cuyana purposely designed its shop—inside and out—keeping its shoppers and inventory in mind. Cuyana will first pop up in Culver City, California, with plans for moving to other spots within the state in the future.

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