In 2022, the store comes to you

Robomart, a store-hailing startup, has launched a platform designed for retailers that is set to roll out next year in the Greater Los Angeles area. The branded fast-food, convenience, and grocery vehicles bring the store to shoppers, where they’re able to shop on-site and be charged via an “RFID-based, checkout-free system.” Robomart’s vans can be configured for six different types of stores and can tote around 500 product packages.

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Crown Royal prints an immersive world

Crown Royal’s push into the ready-to-drink space kicked off with some 3D-printed marketing. Its “A Whole New World of Cocktails” campaign features 3D-printed environments built around canned cocktails that serve as stand-ins for buildings. Actors across the globe were scanned in as 3D models to fill out the “immersive block party” in the brand’s television spots.

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Starbucks gets greener

The iconic coffee chain is aiming to become even greener. The new goal of its Greener Stores Framework is to build or retrofit 10,000 Starbucks locations around the world by 2025. Each of these Greener Stores consumes 30% less energy. In addition, the company has reduced its water consumption by 30% and announced a partnership with Arizona State University to “research new methods of designing and building stores” in order to decrease Starbucks’ overall environmental impact.

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