GameStop reportedly plans NFT marketplace

Video game retailer GameStop is looking to dive further into the digital realm. The company has recently hired several experts in cryptocurrency and blockchain technology to reportedly lead a project developing a marketplace where users can buy and sell non-fungible tokens, better known as NFTs. NFTs are digital assets whose ownership is authenticated through the blockchain so that they can only be owned by one person at a time.

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Kroger continues to explore ghost kitchen models

As digital food ordering continues to proliferate, Kroger is looking for the best way to provide delivery options for customers near its retail locations. The company recently announced the opening of Kitchen United Mix in a Los Angeles Ralphs location. Customers will be able to order from 10 different restaurants with a single delivery fee. Kroger and its partner, Kitchen United, expect to open more in-store ghost kitchens this month in Texas.

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Nonalcoholic beverage shops begin to blossom

The last year has seen the rise of the booze-free beverage shop; think of it like a liquor store without any of the liquor. Carrying products like spirits, bitters, and vermouths, storefronts such as Boisson, Spirited Away, and Minus Moonshine offer education, tastings, and sales of nonalcoholic beverages. While it sounds like an ideal shop for “Dry January,” analysts expect the nonalcoholic beverage market to reach $1.6 trillion in annual sales by 2025.

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