Instacart introduces shoppable ads

Grocery delivery service Instacart has rolled out new shoppable video and display ads in its app. Among the 40+ CPG brands to pilot the ads are PepsiCo, S.Pellegrino, Dove, and Mondelez International. The display ads include brand imagery with “add-to-cart functionality,” while the video ads use audio and motion to tell the brand’s story “with an in-line set of shoppable products.” Following implementation of learnings from the pilot, the new ad service will roll out to all brands later this year.

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MessageWrap adds billboards to checkout conveyors

MessageWrap, from Handstand Innovations, is expanding its retailer partnerships with chains like Target, Albertsons, and Costco. MessageWrap conveyor belt covers combine sanitation with advertising messages that can be switched out. The antimicrobial surface of the conveyor belt covers is an additional selling point at a time when shoppers have an enhanced focus on hygiene. Handstand Innovations believes another benefit of conveyor belt messaging is that it lives near an employee who can answer shoppers’ questions.

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Rough economy leads to boost for dollar stores

With costs rising in a difficult economy, many consumers seem to be turning to dollar stores to meet their shopping needs. Dollar Tree and Dollar General both posted strong first-quarter earnings, with Dollar Tree seeing its strongest quarter ever. With shoppers seeking lower-priced goods, dollar stores have retained their core customers while expanding their reach and attracting more value-seeking shoppers “in a very challenging retail environment.”

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