7-Eleven opens newest Evolution

Back in 2019, 7-Eleven introduced its Evolution concept, offering products and services “customized to the neighborhood” where each convenience store is located. The latest 7-Eleven Evolution Store in Dallas is the fifth in the city and the ninth overall. The new store includes a self-serve espresso machine, cigar humidor, expansive wine selection, and a Laredo Taco Company restaurant with outdoor covered seating. Customers can also do mobile checkout or order delivery through the 7Now app.

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Heineken bottle opener logs you off work

Heineken is launching The Closer, a unique bottle opener that brings an end to your workday when you crack open a beer. With the pandemic driving workers to their computer screens more than ever (an average increase of 2.5 working hours per day according to NordVPN), Heineken aims to instill a greater work-life balance in the home. Using Bluetooth technology, the bottle opener—which can be won via online sweepstakes—puts nearby laptops to sleep when it’s used to crack open a cold one.

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H&M tests smart mirrors

H&M-owned COS stores are piloting new personalization features, including smart mirrors in their fitting rooms and on the retail floor. Utilizing RFID technology, the mirrors collect data on items taken into a fitting room then provide personalized product information and styling suggestions. On the sales floor, smart mirrors can be used for virtual try-ons. The pilot will kick off at a COS store in Beverly Hills, California, and is expected to roll out to more stores as tests continue through the year.

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