Best Buy opens a digital-friendly store

Best Buy is testing a “digital-first shopping experience” in Monroe, North Carolina, for smaller products like headphones, cell phones, and cameras. In this small-format store, customers can scan QR codes on display products when they’re ready to purchase then use mobile self-checkout. In-store customer service is also just a tap away in the form of a call, chat, or video.

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The Ford F-150 Lightning proves it’s powerful

The all-electric pickup can power seemingly anything, as shown when a band hooked up their amps and sound system to the Lightning—and wound up only using 8% of the vehicle’s power. Live music and zero fuel-burning sounds like a rockin’ success.

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Uber launches a better grocery experience

This summer, users in select cities will get to try out Uber’s new grocery features on its Eats app. Customers can schedule orders even if a store is closed, view “live order tracking” while the person shops for their products, and more. The features, such as a new scanning tool, make it easier not only for shoppers, but also for grocers, who will get unlimited SKU uploads.

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