Meta is testing a Twitch competitor

Facebook parent company Meta is quietly testing a Twitch livestream competitor, Super, with select content creators. In addition to standard livestreaming features, Super is planning customizable video layouts, built-in trivia, giveaways, and an option that allows viewers to take selfies with creators. While creators can currently request early access, there’s no hint as to if or when the platform will officially launch.

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Experiential retail encourages in-person shopping

Following two years of lockdowns and social distancing, retailers are working hard to get shoppers back inside physical retail locations. While the pop-up shop concept isn’t new, 32% of brands have plans to “expand their pop-up strategy” over the next year, and more pop-ups are leaning into immersive experiences to excite and engage consumers. They aim to provide experiences that aren’t available with online shopping while also testing new features and learning more about shoppers.

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Coca-Cola lets you taste your dreams

The fourth beverage from Coca-Cola’s creation platform tries to tap into the taste of dreams. Coca-Cola Dreamworld hits shelves on August 15, with a variety of promotions and activations supporting it. QR codes on cans and bottles will drive to an AR music experience and a digital fashion collection by DRESSX. Though it’s hard to imagine how the beverage will taste, Coca-Cola hopes to capture “Gen Z’s passion for the infinite potential of the mind by exploring what a dream tastes like.”

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