pepviz wants to help retailers drive quick-trip sales

PepsiCo’s proprietary data and insights platform, pepviz, is looking to help retailers unlock granular growth through new quick-trip opportunities. So far this year, pepviz has helped inform retailers about the evolving value paradigm and inflation’s impact on value. With their deep dive into the transformation of quick trips, pepviz helps partners tap into the growing same-day consumption market, where each share point represents $1 billion of edible growth.

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Uber adds a new e-commerce partner

In an effort to grow its internal ad network and generate additional revenue during checkout, Uber has partnered with e-commerce company Rokt. The partnership will first launch on Uber Eats in the US, Canada, Australia, and Japan. Rokt’s machine-learning technology targets messages at users when they’re most likely to make an additional purchase. Uber hopes that this partnership can help grow “its advertising segment to more than $1 billion in revenue by 2024.”

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Retailers roll out new technology over the summer

Over the last few months, retailers have implemented new high-tech offerings, including breakthroughs in robotics, cloud computing, and automation. San Francisco saw the opening of the fully autonomous robotic restaurant Mezli. Fashion retailer H&M partnered with Google Cloud to leverage data capabilities that will enhance its supply-chain management and customer experience. And grocery company Festival Foods installed Bluetooth sensors in its refrigerated and frozen sections to automatically monitor temperatures.

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