Starbucks announces NFT marketplace

Starbucks Odyssey is an upcoming NFT marketplace that will be integrated with the coffee chain’s loyalty program. The platform is set to go live later in the year and will allow customers to earn NFTs by taking quizzes or completing other tasks in the Starbucks app. Holders of the NFTs—which can also be bought and sold in an in-app marketplace—will be able to use them to access rewards ranging from virtual classes to trips to a Starbucks coffee farm in Costa Rica. A waitlist for the program is currently available.

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Walmart lets you “Be Your Own Model”

A new virtual try-on technology from Walmart called “Be Your Own Model” purports to be “the most realistic” virtual try-on application available. The new technology builds on the Choose My Model program Walmart launched earlier this year, which lets shoppers see how clothing fits on a model who’s similar to the shopper in skin and hair color, body size, and shape. The new platform will prompt users to take a photo of themselves within the Walmart app in order to try on more than 270,000 items virtually.

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Fleet payment option comes to Kum & Go

With credit card fraud at gas stations on the rise, Kum & Go is rolling out a new frictionless fleet payment system at 400 locations this fall. Kum & Go’s proprietary Car IQ technology allows fleet vehicles to connect directly to fuel pumps without using any credit cards or PIN codes. Car IQ uses technology similar to mobile payments at retailers, and it emails a receipt to the driver and fleet operator when complete. Also, It allows Kum & Go to gather more information on fleet drivers and target them with rewards and offers in their convenience stores.

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