Instagram debuts new ad tools

Following the August expansion of advertising features announced by TikTok, Instagram has released its own new set of tools for advertisers. The new tools include a placement on the app’s Explore page and several other additions that help brands target users. Free music from the Meta Sound Collection is available to use in carousel ads, as Instagram aims to continue its work in creating a seamless social shopping experience. The platform has also begun testing augmented reality features to reach users in both stories and feeds.

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Walmart experiments with shoppable content

Because the process of finding recipes and shopping for each individual ingredient can be tedious, Walmart is looking to kickstart the adoption of shoppable recipe content. One way the retail chain has experimented with shoppable content is by including “add to cart” buttons alongside ingredients on cooking websites. Walmart has also allowed shoppers to filter shoppable recipes by categories like “lowest price,” “organic,” and “minimal waste” and has partnered with SideChef to allow users to shop recipes in the real world via QR codes and smart refrigerators.

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Topo Chico authentically celebrates Mexican culture

Cinco de Mayo, a Mexican holiday frequently celebrated in the US with novelty shirts, costumes, and tequila, is often confused with Mexico’s Independence Day, which actually takes place in September. In order to remove some of these cliches and bring authenticity to the holiday, Topo Chico set up a swap shop where visitors could exchange their stereotypical Cinco de Mayo gear for authentic Topo Chico margaritas. By challenging these stereotypes, Topo Chico was able to celebrate its brand while also celebrating real Mexican culture.

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