Tostitos develops a sonic brand

As pandemic restrictions came to an end and people began gathering again, Frito-Lay sought new ways to cue consumers to get together and share chips and dip. They worked with Made Music Studio to create a 1.5-second sound that reflected the brand story and listening habits of the target audience. Since its introduction, the sonic identity has increased Tostitos brand recall by 38%, and Tostitos plans to expand this form of branding into TikTok to encourage consumer collaboration.

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Ocean Spray debuts cranberry sauce dance track

Things get silly at the Thanksgiving dinner table in a new commercial from Ocean Spray. At what first appears to be a boring, uptight Thanksgiving meal, things come to life when the jiggly cranberry sauce is placed on the table. An original song from Mack Goudy Jr. begins playing, and the dinner guests all cut loose and wildly wiggle and jiggle along with the sauce. A full-length version of the song—with lyrics spanning simply from “jiggle” to “wiggle”—will also be available on Spotify.

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YouTube gets a redesign

Google is redesigning YouTube to look and feel more like watching TV. As a company that primarily focuses on quantitative results, Google designers aimed to improve the aesthetic experience of navigating the YouTube app and website. The new design includes a deeper black background that helps video colors pop, more rounded button shapes, and colors that subtly spill out from the video into the black backgrounds. In addition, the app now features pinch-to-zoom to allow users to get a closer look at videos.

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