Walmart offers small-business rent relief

Walmart has partnered with Popable to offer short-term leases for brands to rent space in its aisles. Nearly half of small businesses are currently struggling to pay their monthly rent, while DTC brands are forced to cut costs via layoffs. By welcoming retailers like these to pop in to their stores, Walmart not only deepens its connection with communities but also brings in new customers.

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Internet of Things meets in-store shopping

Consumers are increasingly seeking an omnichannel experience when shopping; they already rely on online options but want digital tools in the aisles as well. Smart screens started with cooler doors but are poised to expand throughout the store, giving shoppers valuable information to make their purchase decisions. Plus, they’re providing detailed data, insights, shopping patterns, and more to brands and retailers — in real time.

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Where Amazon goes, Chevron follows

In partnership with Grabango, Chevron is bringing checkout-free technology to its ExtraMile channel. On-the-go shoppers can simply scan a code and pay for their (non-age-restricted) purchase via an app instead of waiting in line at the register. Once a novelty, this checkout-free technology is now common in 20 countries at more than 250 stores with an expectation of nearly 50x growth in the next five years.

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