C-stores: not just for convenience anymore

Location is still the top reason shoppers visit c-stores, but attributes like variety and novelty are rising in popularity. Nearly 80% of shoppers rate the wide range of products highly, and over 70% say they find new items. Additionally, three-quarters of shoppers rate c-stores as a good shopping experience, helping to drive frequent repeat visits. And they’re popular with Gen Z socially and IRL — a good forecast for future customers.

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Welcome to Walmart Land

Along with other retailers, Walmart has made a move into the metaverse with virtual storefronts and environments in the popular online platform Roblox. What began as a Gen Z digital destination exploded during the pandemic, and experts predict that a quarter of the population will spend at least an hour in one by 2026, with 30% of the world’s organizations likely to have a presence.

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Popshelf celebrates 2 years with 100 stores

Dollar General’s new concept is gaining traction. A mix of stores-within-a-store and standalones, Popshelf promises a lighthearted experience with a heavy focus on value, treating shoppers to an upbeat treasure hunt of frequently updated offerings. With price points largely under $5, shoppers can find a wide range of merchandise, from seasonal items and entertaining supplies to toys, craft supplies, beauty products, and more.

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