New Balance's reimagined retail space is wicked smaht

New Balance has long been among the front runners in athletic footwear, but the completion of its new Boston brick-and-mortar shop merges concept, customer, and commodity to bring an entirely new experience to consumers. Designed to transcend the traditional shopping experience, New Balance’s Newbury street location applies AR technology to its focused collection of products, responding in kind to an industry-wide shift toward digital.

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Snapple keeps its AI on the prize

Utilizing the hyper-popular ChatGPT platform, Snapple’s 20-year-long “Real Facts” campaign will now feature fun facts generated by consumers and AI technology. The factoids, which will hit the underside of Snapple product caps as soon as 2024, will allow consumers to contribute to the brand’s iconic marketing initiative. Alongside social media, this new tactic is meant to drive brand engagement and appeal to a new audience.

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Brands redefine growth stock via TikTok

Massive big-box brands Walmart and Target, plus IHOP and General Mills, are engaging with recipes discovered on TikTok and are finding success. Building on the meteoric rise of home cooking—and DIY-ing in general—seen during the pandemic, retailers and DTC brands alike are harnessing the momentum generated by the social media platform to reach new audiences and drive online engagement.

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