The omnipresence of QR codes is something to which we—mostly as consumers—have grown quite accustomed. They present themselves as stickers on restaurant tables and on tags sewn into the seam of a so-called easy-to-pitch camping tent. Now, they seem to be coming for the standard barcodes found on the back of most products, offering shoppers a more in-depth look at the price, the application, the provenance of the product, and a whole grab bag of other relevant information. Beyond the consumer, stores will be able to use the robust collection of product information to better respond to shopper needs and streamline internal processes.

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It’s said that nostalgia is history after a few cocktails. Well, if that’s the case, Bazooka invites consumers to drink up, as the 76-year-old company has no plans to change what has made it a confectionary icon since 1947. According to Christopher Gindlesperger, senior vice president of public affairs and communications at the National Confectioners Association, nostalgia is a massive driver of candy sales and a factor that came into even clearer view during the Covid-19 pandemic. For its part, Bazooka—with its comic strips, vintage branding, and hard-then-soft chewability—sees no reason to fix what ain’t broken. Rather, the brand meets the cultural zeitgeist with an approach that honors the past while engaging with the future.

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Expedia Group, via its Expedia Group Media Solutions wing, is launching a shoppable streaming platform through which would-be travelers can book hotels, flights, and more as they view video content highlighting a number of U.S. travel destinations. GoUSA (so dubbed by partner Brand USA) seeks to help Expedia capitalize on the approximately 39% of people who make travel plans based on what they’ve seen in a movie or television show. Naturally, a healthy interest in behavior-informed analytics will be put into place so as to gauge the combined efficacy of the new streaming service and Americans’ penchant for visiting the destinations made famous by their favorite shows.

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