Swedish financial services company Klarna has redesigned its app, updating the services it provides to users and its vision for how shoppers buy and sell things. Powered by AI, because of course it is, Klarna’s biggest new feature is a personalized shopping feed through which users can scroll, find deals, and pay directly via the app. Improving the mobile shopping experience both for consumers and the retailers to whom it caters is Klarna’s main motivation here, making a bet that, should the mobile shopping trend continue apace, Klarna’s app will be one that shoppers choose first.

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When it comes to saving money, the average Joes (present!) could use all the help they can get. Instacart, according to a company blog post from April 25, plans to offer just that, unveiling new app functionality that alerts shoppers to deals on products they’ve bought in the past as well as savings on similar items. The app will also have a “Stores to Help You Save” feature to allow shoppers to see which retailers are offering the best deals. The new features even take into account the myriad loyalty programs offered by grocery stores big and small.

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Dove via Unilever has long been one of a handful of brands championing body positivity, individuality, and personal appreciation for the unique form each human can take. On the whole, Dove’s work in this area has been a net good, preaching a gospel intended to embrace identity vs. tearing it down. Yet the advent of social media—and the unambiguously deleterious effect it has on the developing minds of adolescent girls as it pertains to self-image—has made Dove’s project dually more difficult and more crucial. Taking these modern challenges head-on, Dove has launched a new campaign, the Dove Self-Esteem Project, intended to protect children from harmful psychological issues stemming from social media content.

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