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With strategy as anchor, our work can range from launching Walmart’s revolutionary new Health Care business to publishing a #1 PoweRanked Kantar insights practice for Fortune 50 companies.

Launching a New Retail Channel

Bringing Shell’s oil knowledge into augmented reality by using modern tech to drive motor oil upgrades at the shelf.

Shell Rotella has the best lubricant on the market technically engineered to perform better than conventional oil. But it’s a premium synthetic product and more expensive. How to get self-proclaimed expert diesel owners to reevaluate conventions and trade up? By launching a new retail communication channel that challenged preconceived beliefs and clean-store policies.

  • Brought expert engine builder Adam Koester into the aisles of every store to ask “Are You an Oil Expert?”
  • Assumed category leadership position via brand-agnostic augmented-reality education triggered via QR codes.
  • Challenged consumers with engine oil facts and data, debunked myths, and incentivized Shell Rotella purchase.

By creating this owned channel, Shell Rotella immediately earned a 25%+ sales lift. Additionally, Shell redesigned its packaging to feature the QR code to ensure the evergreen adoption of this channel across retail.