our work

With strategy as anchor, our work can range from launching Walmart’s revolutionary new healthcare business to publishing a #1 PoweRanked Kantar insights practice for Fortune 50 companies.

Accelerating routine healthcare

Helping Walmart revolutionize the cost, convenience, and customer-centricity of routine healthcare.

How does the world’s largest retailer innovate around America’s most complex challenges? Shoptology partnered with Walmart to launch Walmart Health. By developing and analyzing volumes of data and insights, and using C3X, we architected a reimagined healthcare offering. This revolutionary concept is improving access to health-care for families and communities in wellness deserts.

  • Analyzed terabytes of data and conducted customer focus groups and workshops for insights to create value proposition, content strategy, customer journey maps, and environmental communication strategies and playbook.
  • Navigated intricate insurance and local and national healthcare experiences to place consumers at the center.
  • Unlocked a primary benefit: seamless merging of medical, dental, and behavioral health services under one trusted roof.
  • Scalable launch approach, beginning in Dallas, Ga., allowed for optimization throughout a staggered roll-out plan.

Hundreds of clinics have launched across America and account for 4.2% annual revenue increases in stores with Walmart Health clinics. Patient visits and net promoter scores are all exceeding expectations.